Safety Information

Event Control / Reception

Event Control will be open during the day and evening and is located in the heart of the site between the activity fields. The reception desk at event control will be able to assist with:

  • Lost children
  • Lost property
  • Replacement wristbands / passes
  • Visitor access to site
  • Queries and concerns

Event control can be contacted on 07572 301122 or by radio (switch to channel X on your radio and request “control”)

First Aid

During the Jamboree activities, first aid cover will be provided by St Johns Ambulance. Each Subcamp is responsible for overnight first aid cover for its members and groups/subcamps should bring their own equipment for this purpose.

During activities First Aid Assistance can be summoned by contacting Event Control (see above). Please ensure you know the nature of the problem and a precise location on site.

In addition to first aiders, a paramedic, nurse and GP are on call throughout the Jamboree.

Major Medical Emergencies

In the event that an ambulance is required, where possible please contact Event Control in the first instance as we can ensure safe access for the ambulance and get the on-site paramedic to you.

Where there is an urgent requirement for an ambulance (e.g. unconscious casualty) it may be more appropriate to call 999 first. Please alert event control ASAP so that we can assist the ambulance in getting on to site.


Security will be on the look out for any persons on site not wearing a valid wristband or pass. All adults on site are asked to assist with this and challenge anyone not wearing a jamboree wristband.

Departures from Site

If young people are to be leaving site unexpectedly (e.g. due to illness) please contact event control to ensure that we are aware.

If parents will need to enter site to collect a young person leaving due to illness security and traffic management will need to be aware and event control will be able to advise the parent where to go.